You ever look back and think about all of those different paths and opportunities you could have taken? For whatever reason, you made those decisions when you made them. Even if it hurts, your choices were the right ones at the time because you're still here, living and learning. 

The fact that you're even reading this right now boggles my mind, because I started this blog many years ago as a bilingual avenue (English/French) for my personal reflections. 
Before meeting my wonderful, dream-come-true Husband, Ryan, *SWOOOOON* I was immersed in academia, finding my way, fighting with myself to prove my independence, jetsetting, and even giving international dating a few chances. 

My blog also reflected these shifts in my life. Ever since meeting Ryan, I've discovered incredible stability in my life. 

Now that I'm transitioning out of my 20s, I feel a new sense of purpose in what I want my personal blog to be. I'm so excited to share all of the lessons I've learned and all of the lessons I'm about to embark on as an EMPOWERED Woman in STEM with you!

I've been discovering more and more strength in the ability to let go of the past, and I'm emotionally ready to share some life moments and life lessons with a wider audience outside of my immediate friends list now. 

What's amazing is that language doesn't limit us like it used to! Google Translate has gotten SO good that I don't really need to write in two languages for people in different countries to understand me anymore. That's fascinating to me! The technology we have now is AMAZING, and it's going to keep growing! I love that, because it allows me to connect with you, no matter where you are in the world. :)

I genuinely LOVE people. I love helping people. I love making sure people feel loved, acknowledged, and cared for. 
(^Pretty much, me in grad school on a typical day)

I believe everyone has their own interesting stories to tell, and I'm grateful to be able to share mine with you! As a Community Leader and Community Builder of decades (I started really young), this innate desire to connect people to what they need gives me life!
I've reorganized content on my site for you. I only want to write about things that pack value--be it something learned or reviewed. 

I want to do my part in celebrating the fun aspects of our crazy Science, Tech, Engineering, Math world! It's never too late to learn or embrace Science, + I want to share with you how fun being a Scientist can be!

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Science is about curiosity, creativity, strategic planning, experimenting, & analyzing your data to come to logical conclusions. 

In a way, this is what we're all doing in life. Every day, I feel like I'm learning something new, and that's a wonder I want to keep with me always. After years of helping others with their social media channels and blogs, I am starting quasi-fresh with my personal blog by transitioning it into a valuable resource for Tips, Reviews, & Commentary on navigating your "in-betweener" phase(s), as well as on the ever-changing scope of science + medicine.

Beyond personal lessons previously only shared with friends when they'd ask me for advice, you can expect SNOBBY HIPPY content to fall under these categories:
  • Culture
  • Favs ( Things I <3 )
  • Lady Boss Love (Women Who I Admire)
  • Random KBase (Knowledgebase because knowing random facts is who I am)
  • Reviews
  • STEM (Science + Tech love, baby!)
  • Style
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It's also always super encouraging and nice to know that there are people who care paying attention. You keep me motivated! ;)

Since Ryan and I are both Scientists and we KNOW the academic life, we started a website together where we're curating a unique community of fellow academics who are motivated to learn + do more in grad school. 

I built the website entirely from scratch while we were visiting his family in Utah over Christmas break, so if you're interested...

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As always, thanks for being here, and thanks for being YOU!