Grateful. SF was the best decision! End of 2017 Changes - Moving Forward

Heart full, GRATEFUL, & Thankful! Moving to SF has been the best decision of 2017.

There are so many things I'm grateful for. That's how my mindset goes--perpetual gratefulness.

Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky being surrounded by so much love and support!
My friends are some of the most beautiful souls I've ever known, and my family cheers me on no matter what I'm doing. Regardless of what's going on externally, I get to come home and be with Ryan--and I never want to take any of my blessings for granted.

I've discovered a lot about my transition from academia to official tech startup--mostly how much I belong in environments that allow me to be my creative, problem-solving, & community-building operational self! I've always loved ambiguous environments because there are so many opportunities to create processes that solve problems and help others. It's pretty much what I've always done my entire life. People always told me I belonged in a startup environment, and I've had mixtures of startup elements woven into everywhere I've ever been, but this is the first time I onboarded/helped onboard others into a true ground-up startup.

Jacky So quotes: "My attitude is Gratitude."

I'm grateful for the opportunity to flex some of my skills, and I'm grateful for the added experience. These last 3 months have been the absolute perfect and most realistic induction into San Francisco 2.0

I've been a Community Builder in Orange County, Los Angeles, & Philadelphia. My mindset has always been that the concept of "home" is wherever you make it, so I've never really known quite how to answer that question. I feel like my home is back in Mission Viejo, in Irvine, in Paris, especially in Philly...morphing through transitional phases of my life in each of these cities is like "growing up" in different ways each time.

I'm grateful for my experience in Minnesota, because I finally understand the expression "Minnesota Nice." It was also the first time I finally experienced being unable to make a lovely city "my home," but the most precious gift we got out of Minnesota are our friendships with some amazing people who I deeply cherish. Minneapolis wasn't meant to be our home, but we were definitely meant to be there for a year in order to meet our friends.

Moving to San Francisco was one of the best decisions we ever made, because both Ryan's and my skills are just more appreciated here. I didn't realize how much I missed California until I came back. I missed the diversity, the culture, the food...and who can complain about the weather! It's just chilly enough for my favorite scarf-coats-boots repertoire, but it's warm enough to not get hypothermia (yet).

So I'm grateful.

I'm grateful to call San Francisco my home. Our home. 
For the first time since leaving home, I finally feel like I am home. 100% home. Not just, home-is-with-Ryan kind of home, but this-is-the-city-we-want-to-raise-a-family kind of home. Yeah, that kind of home!

I love this city, and it loves us back. For that, I feel so incredibly grateful!

What are you grateful for?

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