Mother's Day should really be every day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I began this post wanting to remind people that not everyone has their actual Mama with them in a tangible way, and for anyone reading this who has lost their mom in some way, I'm sending you love and warmth and hugs. Things happen and we don't always know why, but what we have is our journey to get there. I hope yours is filled with many Mom figures--be it your biological or birth mom or other loving people who step in as needed to fulfill being people you can call your
MOMS: Mentor, Open-hearted, Motivational, Support.

Some of us have dads who are moms. Some of us have grandparents who are moms. Some of us have siblings who are moms. Some of us have teachers and advisors and friends who we see as a mother figure.

MOMS come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Some of us are so blessed to still have our mommas with us, and I hope to never take that for granted.

Feel free to send these acronym MOMS & MAMA pictures to your MOM & MAMA! We all have someone who is our MAMA--our Mentor, our Audience, a Mastermind creater and planner, & Ageless with their wisdom, kindness, & love. Moms transcend time.

Even though I began writing this with the intention to give shout-outs to friends who became new mothers, friends who stepped in to become mother figures, mentors who have taken me under their wings to help guide me, strong friends who have lost their mothers, and people who are working/serving others on Mother's Day…I started thinking about my own Mama and getting teary. I have to share a bit about how magical she is while I have the chance.

Every Mother's Day (which really is every day, truthfully), I think about how lucky I feel to have such an amazing Mama! She really rose, against all odds, to raise us in such a safe, loving, & multi-dimensional home.

Sometimes, I feel bad because Mama gave up her career to stay at home and raise us (lest her mother-in-law proclaimed she would move in to "help"…and Mama was like, "No, that's okay." Lol. #IGotThis). She's so magical and multi-talented, she could really do anything she wanted to. But since Mama became a Homemaker, my sisters and I knew that she got disrespected A LOT by other people who tried to make her feel bad or selfish for not working a "traditional" job. What does that even mean, anyway? 

Moms do it ALL! More than people can fathom.

Mama did everything. On top of giving birth to 3 daughters (sans epidural, btw), we were each 2 years apart…meaning she was at home with 3 kids ages 4 and under: an observant & judging baby (Angelica), an overconfident & extroverted 2-year old (me), and a young brainiac-genius toddler (Lizzy). Lol writing that makes me laugh inside because that still sounds like us.

Even if other kids (even adults) made fun of us or were condescending or belittling towards us, Mama taught us the inherent beauty of being unique and being proud of yourself no matter what others say. It's honestly thanks to Mama that I embraced self-acceptance and authenticity so early on. She's been through a lot, and I have no idea how she's so strong.

Because Mama stayed at home, people were tempted to paint her as uneducated, even though she got her degree before the same people who made fun of her. Because our Papa is an aerospace engineer, people would give him credit for being the reason why we were smart or good students, and it's like: First of all, my parents were complete partners in raising us and it was a team effort; and second of all, Mama stayed home to raise us, so obviously we'd be influenced by her. It annoys me when people are so eager to attribute what they see as a "good" trait to only one parent because they don't want to believe in the capabilities of a housewife. If Mama's end goal was to make lots of money, she wouldn't have left her career. Her goal was to instill in us values that money can't buy.

Whether she gets recognition or not, Mama always gave her best to us every day because that's who she is. She set such a positive example for us to not rely on other people to prove your strengths.

No matter what other people think you can do, YOU KNOW what you can do, and that's what matters. Hold on to that, keep being authentically you, and time reveals all else. Dig deep, be true to yourself, and do the best you can do every day.

Remember: Who run the world?

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mama figures in your life.

I love you, Mama! Thank you for being our Mama.


 Have a good story about your Mama? Tell us about it in the comments!

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