Review: We Tried a Men's Fragrance from Influenster for 1 Month. Here's What We Liked About Polo Red Extreme.

Review: POLO Red Extreme

This men's fragrance from Ralph Lauren was sent to me complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I happily gave it to Ryan to try out, and I gave it a month before writing this review--I really wanted to give Polo Red Extreme proper time to fairly test. If you're interested in joining by the end of this post, do it! Every time Influenster determines that your profile matches a product they have to review, they'll e-mail you asking if you'd be interested and let you know if you've been selected. In my case, since I got married (woohoo!) and live with a spouse, they sent me a men's fragrance to try. Side note--I also like men's fragrances for myself, but I don't think Influenster knew that, haha! Join using my referral link if you're fabulous (I get 5 points).

With that said, here are 5 things I like about the new fragrance (and 1 thing I don't).

1.) Bottle
Matte finish & sleek, feels good to hold

2.) Top
Twist off--feels sturdy, & flat top easier to hold in hand. Ryan and I also like how we're able to control how much of the fragrance to use because it's not a spray. Sometimes, you don't want to push out too much, but you have no option but to do a full pump. With a twist off cap, you can decide to use a bit or a bit more. It's nice to have the control option. I'm not sure if this bottle is the version they are looking to bring to market exactly, but I hope they keep the top like this.

3.) Scent
I was surprised and impressed. I'm also sensitive to smells, so I take this seriously.

Demure, sophisticated, complex.

Muskiness isn’t overpowering. The blood orange and black coffee essence together give it a sense of complexity that smells harmonious together--not fighting for domination.

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4.) Duration.
Ryan has put this on, taken the bus in to campus to lecture, come back home at the end of the day, and I can hug him and still smell it on him. It's not overbearing, but it's still distinct. Polo Red isn't begging for attention, but it's confident in its own quiet way (hey, sounds like a fragrance version of Ryan!). It seems to last all day and into our dinner + cocktails hours (we eat around 8-10 PM), which is also nice because the scent is appropriate for a day to night transition.

5.) That I can wear it
I love men's things…colognes, undies, socks, ties, menswear, shoes, deodorant, bodywash, etc. If you know me, you know that if I like something, I buy it. I don't care if it's under a specific gender category--it's all marketing, anyway.

I usually gravitate more towards men fragrances for myself because I like muskiness & something woodsy, but not to the point where it tickles my nose or seems generic. Polo Red Extreme smells unique. And again, it's not obnoxious in intensity. When I try to compare it with something similar, it's pretty much its own because it's strong but not overpowering.

Since I know people (myself included) like to have some sort of benchmark to compare things with, I'll give you an idea of what I like--I really like Hermes' Terre d'Hermes. Red Extreme seems calmer, more muted in intensity; the citrus in Ralph Lauren's fragrance is blood orange, so it's already a little different. That sophisticated citrus is balanced out by black coffee and black ebony wood.
If I like the fragrance on Ryan, chances are I'll like it on myself, too!

I would call those some pretty legit 5 things to know when buying a new fragrance, wouldn't you?

Now that we've covered a pretty thorough break down of Ralph Lauren's Polo Red Extreme men's fragrance…

Is there anything I *don't* like about Polo Red Extreme?
Yes, the name.

Polo "Red Extreme" just doesn't suit how sophisticated the scent is. The name makes me expect some dingy Axe body spray and Jaeger bombs, not enjoying a scotch in their sophisticated café (the namesake chic Ralph Lauren American Restaurant, Ralph's Restaurant, in Paris' 6ème).

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If the target audience is 18-23, maybe stretching it to 26 or 27, wearing something named "Extreme" is like the character Schmidt from "New Girl" running around yelling, "Parkour!"
Schmidt's Parkour 😂 GIF from New GIFs

If the ideal target audience is beyond 27 years-old, I'd recommend a different (less literal) name.

Did testing Polo Red Extreme change my perception of the fragrance?

I wouldn't have purchased this fragrance before, but I'm more likely to buy it now (talk about marketing goals, right?).
I probably would have chosen something else for Ryan as a gift, but now I like how this smells on him.

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If there's anything else you'd like Ryan and me to test/review, let us know!
And speaking of Ralph Lauren, did you see my post about the sophisticated Ralph Lauren Café that's tucked away in its own chic world in Paris?

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