Discover Paris: Take a peek inside the Ralph Lauren Restaurant in Paris' 6e

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We stopped by to see our friend who was preparing to leave Paris. Every time we go abroad, we always try to meet up with old friends so that we can at least see each other in person!

Speaking of which, YOU HAVE TO follow our friend Jeff on instagram
He's such a talented photographer. I remember, when we met Jeff for the first time, I was so impressed with how good his English is because his French accent disappears. He's a magician haha!

Anyway, so we were running all over Paris preparing for a small, intimate celebration with family in Paris and when Jeff told us that he was preparing to leave, oh my gosh, we had to see him ASAP! Once you start having your own friends based everywhere abroad, you understand how important it is to try and see each other because who knows the next time we'll get the chance!

We stopped by Ralph's, the namesake Ralph Lauren Restaurant tucked away in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the chic & fashionable 6th arrondissement (6e / 6ème).
Had to.

You'll see the Ralph Lauren boutique from the outside, and then you'll realize there's a corridor in the archway.

This photo of Ralph's is courtesy of TripAdvisor (to give you an idea of the entrance/what to look for)

The menu is displayed on the wall outside (but it's easy to miss).

Look for the gold frame to tell you what's on the menu then walk inside down the corridor to the courtyard!
Walk into the corridor that's in between the two storefronts. There will be a Host desk at the end of the corridor and just before the open courtyard. If you don't see anyone there ready to take a reservation or seat you, enter the courtyard and go to the left.
You'll see this at the end of the archway. If no one is there, politely walk into the courtyard and to the left back towards the bar to see if someone can assist you. 

The left entrance to the inside building will take you to the hosts just before the lovely bar area. There should be a couple of people inside ready to assist you.

P.S. If you need the restroom, it's when you first enter that left side area and downstairs (usually in Paris, it's always down). Just an FYI. Always good to know!

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We happened to make it during an in between hour, so the kitchen was actually closed (and I believe prepping for dinner service). Still, they let us sit in the back by the bar and we ordered a trio of desserts with café. Everyone was really friendly, the ambience was calm and nice, and I loved the décor. The bar is gorgeous. You can get a glimpse of it behind Ryan.
Isn't the bar behind Ryan gorgeous? Ryan is, too, of course!

There was a pair of chic older girlfriends who seemed to be catching up over a glass of wine in their corner of the room under a huge painting of a hunting dog, and later on, a group of 3 ladies came in for a café by the gorgeous, tall window. I'm always conscientious about being respectful with photos, so you won't see the other guests in my pics here.
The painting above was huge, and I really adored the large windows.

Such a cozy feel

Coffee comes with caramel popcorn. I particularly love the tasse (cup)!
Our trio of desserts + cafés. Decadent.
Outside, it had just sprinkled a bit, so they were in between clearing it but also setting up for dinner. You can see how intimate and welcoming the courtyard is. I liked it a lot because it reminds me of my childhood garden and how my parents loved turning every nook and cranny into functional seating space.
Inviting, right?

I'd love to go back and make it for dinner this time.
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If you're interested to check it out for yourself in person:

The Ralph Lauren Restaurant
173 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
In the 6ème

12-6 PM, 7-11 PM (12h - 18h, & 19h - 23h)
For reservations: +33 1 44 77 76 00
Or via

To get there:
Line 4 to either Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Line 4 to Saint-Sulpice

Line 10 to Mabillon

Metro Tips:
Line 4 is the hot pink/fuchsia purple one
Line 10 is the dark gold/mustard colored one

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