I recorded my Thesis Defense so you know what to expect!
I finally got around to posting my REAL Thesis Defense video in the hopes of helping those who aren't sure how to prepare or want to know what to look for. 
I created an ENTIRE post full of ROCKIN' TIPS on SO-ARNESON.com, so head over there for the FULL details! :)

Most people don't record their Thesis defense and make it available publicly to view. Live-streaming or video calling is one thing, but recording it for all to see??? Why is that? It's a huge risk.

Different from planned lectures or talks, a defense has high stakes--it's what's between you and your degree, and you can't control all of the factors. As I prepped for my own Defense, there were limited resources available to me because it really depends on your research, advisor, committee, etc. You can see some in action if you are able to attend in person, but not everyone has that option. 

Being the weirdo that I am (and being optimistically confident), what did I do?

I recorded my Thesis Defense so you'd know what to expect! :)Tweet: I recorded my Thesis Defense so you know what to expect! via @jackypostgrad https://ctt.ec/79dh7+
Head to SO-ARNESON.com to see the full post + tips! :D

I worked with our IT Dept to test out Tegrity Software for recording a Defense for the first time ever with the intention of making it available for anyone to view should the video and sound transfer. And guess what? IT DID! :D

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If you're interested to see my Published Thesis, click here! :)

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