RIP Carrie Fisher: The original boss lady who represents all of us

Feel free to save this and fill it in with your own name to pass on her fiery spirit

What a woman for our Hollywood gen to get such honest feedback from. What Carrie Fisher represents is not just that she's a celebrity--she's all of us women. No matter how successful or well-known we become, people will try to convince you that your worth is diluted the moment you refuse to remain the version of their sexual object. There are people who see nothing wrong with trying to find anything wrong with you because self-confident women are threatening, but those very same people probably don't even realize the additive roles they play in dialogues about ageism, sexism, mental health awareness, etc. Carrie Fisher was *shock* open and honest on her stances on these issues, and thanks to her and many others who stand by her (both celebrities and not), the dialogue will continue. 

So to Carrie Fisher, thanks for stepping up and stepping out in repping #girlpower like a boss.

R.I.P. General Rebel Fisher

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