Fireside Chat Time! Election 2016 Results = Presidential Pep Talk!

Let's get motivated!

Scratched whatever I was doing and recorded a very Jacky Pep Talk video for everyone I can't see in person! Consider it my form of a Fireside Chat. 

Here I was, crafting some quality blog posts behind-the-scenes after my thesis defense + graduation + moving + 2 weddings + honeymoon that I planned on carefully rolling out on a more consistent basis when we received the results of our US Presidential Elections 2016 and I saw my various feeds thrown into chaos.

I find calm among chaos and look for the opportunities instead.
It's the way I've adapted as a minority female, and it's just what I do.

Maybe I am a lot calmer about this because I forced myself to regularly see and hear opposing viewpoints, so I witnessed unrelenting support for both major party candidates. In this way, am I really shocked? It wasn't thrown on me all of a sudden when my candidate lost. I was already digesting various opinions and trying to understand them and their sources for quite some time. I actually subscribe to all major candidates each election season because I am curious about how they target and communicate with their audiences. This is something I've always done...a bit of a hobby of mine, really.

With that said, please watch my Pep Talk to cheer you up!

I'll post more later about how this actually isn't the end of everything, as we still have the Electoral College to vote on Dec. 19th, 2016. 

If it helps provide any sense of comfort: Even though Trump is our current President-elect, Sec. Clinton is receiving the popular vote, so it's not like she's completely unlikeable. You aren't alone. Maybe the final tally will be so overwhelmingly in her favor that it can't be ignored and the EC will cast their votes accordingly, to everyone else's surprise.

Who knows! It's 2016!

If there ever was a time to find the frustrations with out system, what better example than what's going on right now? You have to feel it to take action, right?

The time for our nation's first female President will come sooner than we know. 
And it will be worth it.
Until then, we need to expand our views from the inside-out, re-evaluate our priorities, and remember that what makes our country great to begin with is our diversity.
We are all in this TOGETHER.

Always remember, never forget.

Stay hydrated and try to get some rest, y'all. Our country still has a lot of work to do together. 

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