This is Why I Got a Tracking Number for My Ballot

My single vote may not change results, but for the Principle, please make sure it's counted. 
I know you have it now. 

Received my ballot 3PM June 6th, mailed it ASAP June 6th via Priority, it departed Philly past 9PM June 7th (I know, I groaned, too), but arrived before 10 AM today, June 9th. 
Deadline to receive ballots is June 10th. 

For future reference, voting is a Federal event. Using a Federal System (USPS) to participate in a Federal event should be easier, not more complicated. 

Regardless of the results from the California Presidential Primary, I want to ensure that my ballot--which I did EVERYTHING I could possibly do on my end--gets counted. 

I want my Ballot Status to show what it should show.
Paid extra for Priority Mailing on 6/6/2016

Checked status to see Delivered before Deadline. Ballot Status still says not counted. I understand there must be a lot of ballots to count, but please make sure you count all of our voices after we went out of our way to fulfill our civic duty. It's only the right thing to do. 

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