Ghost Ballots: Tomorrow is the big day to vote!

UPDATE: 5:40 PM EST 6/6/2016
Filled it out, signed the envelope, and rushed to campus to send it via Priority Mail (so I can get a tracking number).

County of Orange on Twitter told me to call the Registrar, so I took out my retainer & figured I'd go check the mail again one last time before calling. If you could have seen my face when I threw up my hands in Hallelujah! 
Figured I should check the mail one last time before calling them. Hallelujah, finally! NOTE: If you still have ballot trouble, call them but expect to wait in a queue--there are a lot of us!
😂😂😂"I love democracy SO MUCH I didn't even throw on any makeup. I just filled out my ballot and bolted, tied on this red, white, & blue scarf--" 😂But I also DID throw on a bra and proper shirt before bolting 😂 #JackySnaps #votebymail
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Quickly double-checked my choices using Google searches on candidates' platforms and other ballot measures, threw on a (sports) bra, a proper shirt, and tied a patriotic scarf on my head for the *Fighting!* spirit--and straight up BOLTED.

I paid to send it via Priority Mail because that's how much I want my vote to count!

Look, if they apparently sent me my ballot on May 24th and I JUST got it HALF a DAY BEFORE the deadline...who knows if they'll get my vote back on time! Sending it back via Priority allows me to TRACK my ballot so that I'll know if they got it or not! It was either this or $20 for UPS overnight. For a 0.6 oz letter, they better get this before the cutoff time (no more than 3 days after voting day).

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Below is the original post
Please vote if you can! I wish it was easier for me to do so, so I'm counting on you.

Currently still waiting on my vote by mail ballot, so if it arrives after voting day, that'll be such a shame because it will mean that even if I filled it out and expressed mailed it back, they wouldn't count my vote since it didn't make the timestamp deadline of June 7 (even if I just received it).

In any case, if I don't get my ballot delivered on time for me to vote, thanks to all of you for voting because you can!

For the first time in a long time, it feels like the California Primary really matters. 

It makes me feel a little better knowing that, at least, other people can vote, even if I can't. It's a bummer, no doubt, and also feels adverse to trying to encourage people to exercise their civic duties--esp. when they did everything right and ahead of time and are still feeling left out.

I'm reaaaally cautious in claiming #VoterSurpression because I lean towards USPS mail being extremely slow instead and not knowing what to do when it's a huge surge in volume of voter registration, even though they are the federal mailing system. With that being said, if you're curious about a little background, I give you the following:

Today's date: May 6th. Vote-by-Mail issued on: 5/9...wait, what?

I periodically checked my voter status to make sure I did everything I could in order to vote by mail. I went back to request the specific Democratic ballot and saw that they apparently already mailed it out on May 9th...even though it was only May 6th. Now, it could be that they were making a "send out date" for their own system to organize mailings, but I don't know since I don't work in the office. It was just a very curious detail I picked up on, so the inherent hidden lawyer in me took a screenshot with the current date in case I'd want to share it later.

All I could do was change my party from NPP to Democratic. You have no idea how painful it was for me to change my party from Republican --> NPP --> Democrat, but I did it just so I could vote in the Democratic California Primary. T.T

Anyway, so EVEN THOUGH it was before May 9th, it seems like they counted it already mailed all I could do was change my Party in order for them to send me a replacement ballot with the proper Democratic Presidential candidate choices (and other offices and measures, of course).

ON MAY 31st, I finally received the NPP ballot they apparently sent out BEFORE May 9th (see above photo). May 31st was (interestingly enough) the last day to apply to vote by mail. 

So it's May 31st, the last day to apply to vote by mail, I received the NPP ballot without the Democratic Presidential candidates even though I'm supposed to now get the Democratic ballot, and I freaked out. I looked at the clock and thought, "Oh, thank goodness! They are 3 hours behind. It's only 4 PM over there." I called Orange County's office and spoke with Tom, a very pleasant person on the phone. He looked up my info and said that they sent me the Democratic ballot on May 24th (the last day to switch parties was May 23rd) and I should be getting it any day now. He also confirmed the spelling of my name and my address, since the last ballot arrived with my name also misspelled (JACOUELINE instead of JACQUELINE). I agreed to take a phone survey to tell them how helpful they were, because I was reassured by Tom and he answered all of my questions. However, from last week to this week, we are in a different place. 

So, now here we are. It is June 6th. I still haven't received my Democratic ballot. The voting postmarked deadline is tomorrow, and then they will also only count mail-in ballots that are received up to 3 days after the postmarked deadline. Judging by how SLOW, tedious, inconvenient, and out of my hands this entire process has would be a hallelujah to get the Democratic ballot and have them also RECEIVE it back in time. Even if I expressed mailed it on June 7th, I suspect they wouldn't get in until a whole week later. But in order for that to be a viable option, I first need to get the ballot in order to vote in the first place. 

California Voting deadline is tomorrow...still waiting on this ghost ballot. 

Le sigh. 
I hope only my ballot would be the one missing. Losing 1 vote is a shame, but losing multiple 1 votes added up together to make something much more would be the real crime.

Please PHYSICALLY vote if you can! 
Or mark your mail-in ballots and PHYSICALLY turn them in so you don't have to rely on the USPS. 
I'll live vicariously through you. :)

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