Lab Diary: Ordering freeze on the 1 thing I need the most right now

I need these
So...I'm about to purify my RNA and find out we have no more RNEasy columns for RNA Purification and can't order anymore. Of course, this is the one supply that I couldn't sequester and save for myself earlier on.

I need to purify my RNA for PCRs, and I already planned to do PCRs today, tomorrow, and this weekend so that I would have that new data for my committee. That's all I need. At this point...I'm baffled and I'm not sure what to do. I have to speak with my Advisor and ask him what my options are, because I need this data for my thesis, and I'm not going to get held back because we are out of supplies. I saw him on his way to go play ping pong, so I'll have to wait until he gets back.

The only thing standing between me and a defense are the available resources. They said that thesis students get priority on supplies over work study students & volunteers, but I don't know if everyone knows that because a lot of students are beginning to learn in the lab while our resources are low.

Now, I don't know what I can do in terms of RNA Purification just yet, but I will say this:

I'm willing to learn an entirely new protocol if it means I get purified RNA for my PCRs. 
I need to defend. I need to finish. I'm determined!


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