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Lab Diary: Day 9

8:13 PM

Made a WB gel with 15 combs yesterday before leaving, decided it wasn't a good idea to run a WB or PCR while I was in lab/on campus for 20 hrs without sleep...so I'm back today to run the WB!

I'm going to use samples from: Collection 2
I'm posting the breakdown of what's going into each tube for Protein Denaturing in the Thermocycler:
Collection 2 for today's WB is highlighted in pink

When I load the samples to run the gel, of course I'll need to load the ladder and 2X buffer into the remaining 3 spaces (to ensure the gel runs evenly).

While I wait for my WB to finish running, I'm going to prep some values for the PCR later (so that I'll already have all of those figured out).

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