Lab Diary: Day 2

My precious plates: FBS on the left, ADT on the right
It's already 3:05 PM and I have to stop during lab to eat something, otherwise, another 2 hours will go by until the next opportunity. I accidentally slept in today (must have been exhausted), so I didn't get here until 2 hours past the "later" time I originally wanted to come in at.

I just visualized my Western Blot from yesterday. It's not stellar, but it's something to work with, at least. I want to throw on some Beta-tubulin as a loading control to verify that the levels of protein detected across all lanes is the same so that I can normalize my results. You saw my photo of amount loaded into each well, but here is a reminder of how beautifully the loading went:
Right now, I can't find the Beta-tubulin (we better not be out of that, too), so I figure I'll eat something, come to my senses, and then try looking again.

In the meantime, I have my Ponceau Red stain from yesterday:
The air bubble is not where my lane of interest falls, anyway

Remaining To-Dos for today:
[   ] Cell photos, count, collect
[   ] Split remaining 4 plates --> 6
[   ] Make RIPA & lyse pellets from Days 30, 60, 70, & 74 to make Protein Lysate
[   ] Quantify new protein lysate

And if I want to run a new Western Blot (which I do), I need to make a gel and TGS buffer.

We are also low on PBS-Tween for the Day 2 WB washes, so I also want to make that from scratch to prepare ahead of time, since I'll be doing so many WBs.

What I'm looking at is pretty much another 5-8 hours in lab, depending on how much I want to get done. 

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