Lab Diary: 2 AM Day 8

Just updating via my phone as I sit in the lab break room.

My RNeasy columns came in, so I purified my RNA for Days 0-74 and quantified them!
Now, it's past 2 AM and I don't really feel like walking home at this hour/in the dark.
2 AM noms
I keep backup "emergency" lab food in my lab locker, so that came in handy haha. I figured I'd make a decision on the next course of action after eating so that I wouldn't be making decisions on an empty stomach!

Our hood is still down, so I'm coordinating with Dr. Chen's lab to use her hood. I usually come in around 7 AM anyway, so I think I'll either nap here and then use the hood earlier (=get out before anyone else would need it) or run another experiment before I use the hood...and then head home during the morning because I will have finished everything I wanted to do for Day 8!

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