IMPORTANT for Independent/No Party Preference/Decline to State Voters in CA!

Make sure you do this if you want to vote for Bernie or Hillary in California!
If you are a NPP (No Party Preference/independent/Decline to State) voter in California, you MUST REQUEST A DEMOCRATIC BALLOT in order to vote for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton in the June 7th Primary!

If you don't, you'll only receive the ballot that lets you vote for other offices (also important), but NOT for Presidential candidates!

(I last posted about How to Vote in California here. This one is an update for NPP voters.)

If you are currently a registered Republican (or think you might be) and want to vote for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, it's very important that you switch your party preference before May 23rd.
Way before that to be safe. Do it now. 

Click here to check your voter status/switch your party

The easiest way is to switch it to Democratic (you can switch it back after you vote).

If you switch it to No Party Preference (=independent voter, NOT "American Independent Party"), you will have to do the next step ASAP:

If there is the option below your Voter Status info asking if you would like to select a specific ballot to get for voting, SELECT DEMOCRATIC. It's misleading because when I first read mine, it said that I didn't have to take any more action and now I don't see any option that lets me request a Democratic ballot.
Note how it says my ballot was issued on 5/9/2016...but today is only 5/6/2016...

If you are a NPP and don't specifically request the Democratic ballot, then the NPP ballot you get sent WILL NOT HAVE BERNIE SANDERS OR HILLARY CLINTON ON IT!

What do I do?

The EASIEST and ONLY WAY to guarantee that you can vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is to 
Re-register as Democratic. You can switch your Party back after the election.

Click here to re-register. It takes 2 minutes. 
Super fast. Super easy. It's online. It's beautiful!

What you'll need to re-register to vote. Only takes 2 mins and you can e-mail yourself proof of your receipt!

If you are a distance voter/vote-by-mail (students, etc.):

This is what I did, and I hope it helps!
Cheers to making the world (and the United States) a better place through inclusion, not exclusion.

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