Handmade DIY Calligraphy Art Cards

DIY Cards with the calligraphy pen! Ryan & I Skype while doing our own activities as a way of keeping each other company while far away :)

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day--or, as I like to call it, Mama's Day! ;)

Ever since I moved to the other coast for grad school, I have been very lucky to have such amazing support from my Academic & Wellness Mamas! 
They have helped me feel very supported & loved while far away from home. I'm very, verrrry thankful for them, so I decided a nice way of showing that would be with their own, unique cards. These fabulous women are another reason to love PCOM!

I just wanted to share some DIY Mother's Day cards I handmade the other night. 
I'm still getting used to the calligraphy pen--I don't use it very much except for when I used it to design our wedding invitations (1st time using it--dove right in!)...and that was pretty much it, lol!
It's not the easiest to do as a dominant lefty, but it's very relaxing, therapeutic, fun, and a great way to wind down before bed. 
Some E6000 glue, a touch of iridescent confetti here and there, let dry...and finito!
Just wanted to share! Hope you like them!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today :)

Have a relaxing & healing day,

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