Gift Guide: 48 Ideas for HER

Gift Guide: 48 Ideas for HER + a few pizza ones!

First, I came across these pizza gift ideas for the pizza lover in your life (or yourself) and they were too good to not share! Had to
After these yummy pizza gifts, there are 48 more gift ideas for the lady boss in your life!
I want all of these. 
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Haha I honestly would nap on the pizza inflatable in my room or office and then have it as fun decor otherwise. There's also a 14k Gold pizza charm necklace, could probably put on top of the pizza pillow to give...and then make sure to pop out a real pizza just in case they get excited then super bummed that they can't eat their gifts (because, you know...their stomach started preparing for digestion upon sight of anything that remotely looks like pizza). 
THIS PIZZA PILLOW. It's a real pillow. It looks like a pizza. 

How about this Pizza Tote? $5, cotton, & TOTES adorable
Pizza Inflatable, for that lady in your life who would lounge on a slice anywhere
Okay, how about a decadent pizza gift? Imagine her face when she sees this 14k Gold Pizza Necklace!
Enough pizza yet? The right answer is never haha. ;) 
Looking for more options of something she'll absolutely LOVE? I put together this Gift Guide of 48 more versatile, practical, useful, pretty, and year-round-use gifts for the Girl Boss, Instagram Queen, techie, girlfriends, sisters, Hostess, or chic woman of your life! 24 on this page and 24 when you click on the little arrow to page to the right. 

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