15 Gift Ideas under $50 for your friend who loves having people over

Gift Guide: Wanna do more than show up with a bottle of something?
Here are 15 ideas sure to please the host/hostess in your life! 

BONUS: All under $50, most $40 & under. Cheers!

Diamond ice cubes, anyone? An online exclusive for only $14
There's still time to shop! Winter holidays mean lots of reasons to celebrate (and lots of parties to go to, too)! I put together the following 15 gift ideas for your friend who always has people over or enjoys host/hosting. 
It probably seems like they already have everything, so what tangible item(s) could you give that they don't have enough of yet? You can be sure they'd love anything off of this list, put all of it to good use, & create instagram-worthy moments to share with these useful items.

NOTE: Paired nicely with your usual bottle of wine, beer, or scotch you'd bring ;) 
A definite oompf and surprise to what they'd expect 
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