5 Looks, 5 Moods, 5 Versatile Items #IWant #InMyCloset

Setting the mood: Mysterious, Sensual, & Intriguing (Hey, sexy ladies have to stay warm, too, right?!)
P.S. I was BB Dakota's 1st Intern years ago, so I have to give them some love! :)

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So you know those mornings when you wake up but don't want to get out of bed? I don't know about you, but I sleep with my computer next to me because I Skype my fiance every night, and when I can't keep my eyes open anymore, we say goodnight and I just close my laptop. Anyway, I wake up this morning and think about all of the things I have to do before I fly out for the holidays (clean, laundry, mail holiday cards, blog)...and of course I just lay there in bed like a blob, totally exhausted from my 74-day research project (woop woop!).

I realize there's some blog updating I have to do, and since I shop primarily online nowadays...I got sucked in by all of the beautiful (and many on sale!) things. I logged onto ShopStyle for the first time since I began my lab work (#lablife days as a grad student), and they totally updated the platform!

Since I write stream-of-consciousness and this is beginning to become a novel...let me get to the point!

I spent my morning laying in bed, dreaming about outfits, and curating looks/feels around each central item

5 Looks below. Keep scrolling to the right. I honestly was just looking for a few things to add to my wishlist below until I got sucked in because everything was so good.

Look 1: 
Built around Bad@$$ card holder (on sale!).
Note: I sometimes use card holders as clutches because I can fit my ID/card, lipstick, concealer, keys, and then I hold my phone anyway 
Studded skull leather card holder...you know you wanna work this into your wardrobe! And if you wanna use this for business cards? Well, nothing else quite says #ladyboss like this card holder. 

Look 2: 
Built around gorgeous, gold + crystal unique statement ring (also on sale!).
It wouldn't be McQueen sans Skulls, but this gold + crystal skull cocktail ring looks like starburst gold nuggets!

Look 3: 
Built around the best, most versatile, and most-expensive-looking Backpack I've seen under $30!

Look 4: 

Built around these fun & playful Dior duo nail colors
Dior, under $30 for two, 4.5 star reviews. Fun way to work color into your day!

Look 5: 
Built around these gorgeous, fun, ladylike + rebellious at the same time, tartan pumps!
Under $100 and 4.1 star reviews from Nordstrom--looks like a closet-staple winner!

Ready? Follow the little arrow in the collage to see the other looks! 

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