The Politics of Mind Games: Post-Paris attack, fears bring out the ugly in people

Glenn Greenwald (author of "No Place to Hide", co-founding editor of The Intercept, and journalist who first broke the Edward Snowden mass civilian surveillance revelations) said it best, so allow me to just quote him below. 
I couldn't sleep at 4:35 AM, so what did I do? Figured it was good timing to catch the French news! Glad I did, because journalist and author Glenn Greenwald was on France 24's segment, "The Interview" with French politics specialist Marc Perelman
Below is an excerpt of what he had to say:

People around the world…have learned the lesson from, first the 9/11 attack and then Iraq War, which is that people in political power will always try and maximize the fear levels that their populations are experiencing because a fearful population is a submissive population. Political scientists and Philosophers have pointed this out for centuries--that fear is a weapon that governments use. When the government puts us in fear, when we allow that to happen, we do REALLY irrational things. We allow the gov to do really destructive things, like invade Iraq, like create gitmo (GTMO) in the middle of an ocean, like torture people around the world, like use drones to kill civilians that FUEL ISIS (Daesh) and al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. And I think it’s our responsibility as citizens not to allow the government to manipulate and stoke our fears in order to prevent us from thinking clearly and rationally about what we want them to do.
Glenn Greenwald, Journalist and Author: “No Place to Hide”; Co-founding editor of The Intercept
(the journalist who first brought to light the Edward Snowden revelations about mass government surveillance)

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