What is Google Chrome's Interactive Galaxy Project? 100,000 Stars by Google

What is 100,000 Stars? 

It's Google's latest interactive that lets you see Space! Explore with Google!

EDIT 12:50 AM:
I thought it seemed vaguely familiar, but so many things are popping up all of the time that I can't believe this slipped my mind! I was on G+ before it was totally open to the public, and from being embedded within the community, I would keep lots of convos with other early G+ers. At some point, I DO remember people talking about making Space interactive for engaging people, and this was c. 2011/2012. So, I'm not sure if this is the same 100,000 Stars interactive or maybe an enhanced one from the original one, but yes! Just had to make a quick memory edit!

EDIT 12:58 AM:
Ah, yes! This is a GLORIOUS and user-friendly interactive, enhanced from the original at Chrome Experiments launched in 2012 by Google Data Arts Team (bravo, guys!). 
The original 
The interactive version as it is currently available in Chrome (zoom in + more!)


I have to thank my friend, Veronica Allen, for showing me this! 
Veronica is a PhD Student at Kapteyn Astronomical Institute in Groningen, the Netherlands, and she'll share things that are super exciting for me to see several time zones behind. My fianc√© is also a PhD Student in Astrophysics at the University of Minnesota, and I grew up listening, in awe, to my father speak about Space (he's a retired aerospace engineer, one who was on the Task Force to investigate the Challenger Explosion in 1986)...so you could say that if it has to do with Space, I wanna read about it! I wanna learn about it! I wanna explore more!

Because I am a Scientist but not a fellow astrophysicist, any medium which helps expose "the rest of us" to the mysterious galactic odyssey is something to celebrate! Ryan (my fianc√©) and I have spoken extensively about how to make astrophysics more accessible and more understandable for people everywhere, so seeing something like 100,000 Stars is EXACTLY what our times need right now!

If you haven't yet, please journey over to 100,000 Stars! Make sure you're using Google Chrome.

Here's what you can expect from taking the tour, but it's even more epic with the soothing, hypnotic background music (you can mute it on the site): 

Actually, my favourite part about this might be seeing what all of our known stars are mapped out.

Being an 80s baby, I kept looking for Pluto, only to be reminded by its poor fate

Browsing around the site, you can click on items to get a translucent box with more info.

You can also play with the zooming features on the side.

Or maybe just meditate and keep your trance with the hypnotic music.

Please share this site with everyone you know. 
You're helping to preserve the galactic intellectual wanderlust, and maybe 100,000 Stars will help some people with their science projects!

Go forth, Frodo. 

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