Rant: Lantern Festival is Irresponsible

So I contributed a facebook rant earlier about the practice of the Lantern Festivals. 
I saw post after post of different friends who attended a recent one that popped up in Vegas, and it just set me off because the actual event itself is quite irresponsible. Below is my rant, which you can read:
All of these things are on fire and free to travel hours away in the sky.
Eventually, they land somewhere. Don't people ask themselves, "I wonder where all of these go?"
Image taken from the RiSE Lantern Festival fb page

Tl;dr YOU'RE IRRESPONSIBLE IF YOU SET A LANTERN ON FIRE AND RELEASE IT. Lantern festival = light paper thing on fire + consciously release thing on fire to be free to go wherever
UGH. upset emoticon I HATE THOSE LANTERN FESTIVALS. Unless you can ensure that every lantern lit and floated away is safely extinguished & biodegradable, from a planning perspective, IT'S JUST IRRESPONSIBLE. ALSO WASTEFUL. AND TRASH. AND TOXIC. I get that they look pretty and it makes for a great photo, BUT THEY CAUSE FIRES. FUMES. LITTER. People don't consider what could happen after they let the lanterns go because it's "not their problem" anymore, but unless you can guarantee that each lantern won't cause a fire, YOU CAUSED A FIRE BY ADDING TO THE HYPE AROUND THIS EVENT. Anyone who participates in these lantern festivals and then tries to preach about living green, caring about others, or recycling loses credibility. Participating in these lantern festivals does NOT show thinking about others--it shows selfish thinking because all you want is to say you did it and you got a photo from it. If you TRULY considered others, then you would consider all of the negative effects that could happen from letting go of one lantern you set on fire to "float away" with your hopes/wishes/dreams/or problems. You just gave your problem to other people, and now they have to deal with the aftermath of your inconsiderate participation.
I know some friends have attended these festivals, and it's not a direct dig at anyone in particular, just a frustrated vent triggered by seeing people after people who are good do something that they think is good because it's marketed as good and pretty, but the reality of what happens is actually BAD. Just think about it.

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