Got sucked into online shopping

Actually real framed #WallArt from Kohl's. Cute, right?

But look at these cute bags!

I'm a Big Bag person--carry EVERYTHING with me so that I can dash from work to meeting to class to whatever...but then I find myself without a properly-sized carryall for those days/nights when I'm just going out to have a great time (read: NOT on-call).

I was looking at clutches "for fun" (*wink*) when I came across these gorgeous purses. 
They each have their own unique details that would earn them a spot in my closet, hahaa. For example, I always liked Rebecca Minkoff's handbags (more so her backstory and how good she was at utilizing Polyvore to promote her brand), but this one is super cute in that the rose gold hardware is an updated, year-round spin on her popular classic.

To the Bag Cave!

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