French food made me literally insatiable

This. I. MISS. THIS.

Ever since I've come back from Paris, I crave all of these things that I can't get here. I munch through my groceries literally the moment I finish one plate of something, and it's like that around the clock while I'm at home. I'm not hungry, but I'm not satiated. I crave layers and textures of flavour suddenly unavailable to me again and so I keep eating to try and satisfy my taste buds only to realize it's not gonna happen. I want confit de canard, pâté, tartare de boeuf, saumon millefeuille, escargot, cuisses de grenouilles, Amorino, macaron glacé, everything Monoprix, true pâtisseries...

Can't get my real baguette so I came home and scarfed down 4 blueberry bagels, all with hazelnut spread. The taste still wasn't satisfying, so I spread almost a whole tub of "Everything" Hummus onto a plate stacked high with slices of white bread. Still not enough. 

I'm trying to eat all of the bread products I have, none of them do the trick, I'm full yet insatiated. I literally have an insatiable appetite. The only cure is Paris.

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