Mysterious Medical Case Solved #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Talk about making your skin crawl! And what an appropriate month for this story. If you have Arachnophobia, stop reading now! :)

This poor guy came back from a trip to Bali and found a spider living INSIDE of him. It got access via his appendix scar and lived under his skin for 3 days! If you think about it, this guy is young, healthy, active, was not physically injured from the outside that would have produced this type of marking on his just showed up like that out of nowhere, so what could it be?!
Yikes! How YOU feel waking up to seeing this show up out of nowhere?

He kept going back to the doctors, and after using a cream to treat what seemed like the body's reaction from an insect bite, painful blisters started erupting along the red scar-like line leading up to his sternum.

Finally, a dermatologist was able to conclude that a spider had crawled inside of him! Via an appendix scar!
Glad you're okay, Dylan Thomas! Poor guy has probably gotten a barrage of inquiries.

This isn't so much a lesson of medical conditions, but more of working together as a cohesive team.

In the medical world of today and the future, we will ALL need to work together to help treat PEOPLE and the symptoms they may be suffering from. Egos are pushed aside as we network together and ask one another opinions on what they think is going on. Nurses, PAs, Medical Doctors (DOs & MDs) of all specialties and backgrounds help each other in order to most effectively help others...and everyone wins!

(Well, except for the spider, in this case.)

My advice for anyone wanting to go into the medical profession (or really, any profession) is to never forget to put the ego aside and ask other people for help. Don't look at people around you as competition. Look at them as friends, colleagues, and lifelong networking partners. Compete with yourself. Of course, have your own standards that you hold yourself to, but focus on being the best that YOU can be and don't worry about comparing yourself to others or trying to compete with them. Everyone is different. If someone wants to compete against you? Sure. Let them. Let them worry about that, but you just keep doing your thing and just keep trying to be the best that you can be on your own standards, and then keep trying to do good for others, too. Don't worry about other people trying to compete with you because in the end, all of the work you put in DOES pay off, and all of the good you do is good karma. In the end, everything comes full circle, and at some point or another, problems are a lot nicer when you're surrounded by people you trust to help each other--in relationships, in life, solving mysterious medical cases.

If you would like to read more about what happened to Dylan Thomas, check out some UK and AU stories: Huffington Post UK,

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