#GradLife, wouldn't have it any other way

No makeup, breaking out, hair a mess...BUT FEELING AWESOME

So here I am at the end of a typical day. Some days, I feel like wearing make-up to get the day going, and some days, I don't. Today is one of the days where I didn't feel like wearing make-up...well, plus I left my "library" bag in lecture last night (had my backpack, though) bc we got out early and rushed over to a friend's to watch Big Bang Theory. In the bag was food, stereo headphones, plush-library-nap blankie, and my make-up hahaha. Good job, self.

PCOM is this magical place of a med school where it's a big community for a small school, everyone comes from an interesting, well-rounded background, and people understand living the day-to-day challenge that is medical education--and they help each other out. My bag was waiting for me at Lost & Found (thank you, PCOM community!) and I was happily reunited with my blankie! When you spend as much time in the library as we do over here (it's 24/7, woop woop!), you quickly learn that comfy headphones + comfy blanket are essential! Make-up is whatever, but it's nice to have that back, too haha!
Library bag, AKA, things that I stuff into here to help fuel me while @ the library. I would have just been bummed losing the bag itself bc I got it YEARS ago in Paris & Idk if they have this anymore.

We had our 1st major test for Molecular Basis of Medicine (Medical Biochemistry, essentially) and 2 quizzes + 1 Team-Based Learning for Infectious Process & Diseases (AKA: Immunology). Oh, first, I should specify that I'm in the Master's of Biomedical Science program at a medical school. We take some of the same classes as the 1st year med students and are taught by the same professors. It's a really grueling program, but I love it! For officially being 4 years out of University, this is exactly what I wanted and needed. I took Biochem...7 years ago? O.O But like Celine Dion said, "It's all coming back to me nowww."

You can bet we all celebrated after our 1st major exam! We all buckled down and crammed for weeks on end, fearful of info that many people fail the 1st test. Once it was out of the way, by golly, we were going to celebrate together! Biomeds totally took over ManayunkThey told us that our class had the highest average ever in years, so we all did amazing and helped each other along the way there. Combine a cooperative atmosphere with support from other years + administration, and it's just a recipe for happy success.

And I finally feel like EVERYTHING I'm learning is extremely usable. You know how in Undergrad, it may be required to either learn lots of info that you might not need outside of that bubble or take filler classes? Yeah, we don't have that here. Because time is precious & we're getting the lectures that med students are getting, EVERYTHING thrown at us to know is important, and we can actually see ourselves using it!

So day-in, day-out is spent in the (brrrrr cooold) library, attempting to remember EVERYTHING that keeps building and then connecting all of it to the bigger picture...but I'm more than happy to do so! It's exciting being here because we're learning things every day. I consider myself a non-traditional student because I waited some years (not 1, some ppl call themselves a non trad bc they took a year off, but I'm like, dude, the application process itself is 1-2 yrs, so taking 1 yr off is really good!) before applying to continue my formal education. So on one hand, I'm aware that I have to play catch-up since hard science info isn't as fresh in my memory, but on the other hand, I took that time off to work and explore, meaning that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything...I'm exactly where I want to be right now. And that is in the 24/7 library, at a med school, doing what I need to do to challenge myself to be better.

You come back after a long day of actively thinking and challenging your knowledge, your brain feels drained, your hair (normally messy, anyway) is all over the place bc you haven't looked at yourself in the mirror since 7 or 8 AM when you were running out the door to get a good desk at the library (and then maybe when you take a bathroom break), you drink so much coffee that you're not hydrated enough (typical), you're still breaking out as a 27-year-old, and you're still battling with figuring out how to eat healthily for such an atypical schedule...guuuuuuuurl, you look tired! 
Just wish we had nap lounges...
But the amazing support system and friendships that you formed with your fellow classmates, the med students, grad students in other programs, security, and the down-to-Earthness of such distinguished professors and staff truly make it enjoyable to be this tired. You look tired, but you're happy because each day is a small victory. 

#GradLife, wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, maybe if I could have #MyPhysicist here haha. :)

Next up, Immuno midterm. Come at me, brah!
Gotta hone in some cytokines right now.

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