WE GOT ENGAGED! #MyPhysicist Formally Proposed :)

So, first thing's first...I got engaged! Hehe well, WE got engaged, actually. ;) It's officially official, and I am happy to be able to publicly announce that we will indeed be getting married (when? Idk! Hahaha)!

What did I say when he was proposing? "Oh YAY!" Haha

We've been calling each other Betrothed for a long time because we always felt that way about each other since the beginning. Ryan let me know last year that he wanted to propose to me but wanted to wait until my sister gets married, because he wanted to let her truly be able to enjoy her long engagement. I thought that was very thoughtful and considerate of him, and it shows just the kind of gentleman he is, which is why he's my love! And, now, fiancé! :) I have to get used to saying that word hahaha. It feels good to say.

Anyway, I also am ALLLL moved into Philly now and I LOVE IT. What a gorgeous place. So much history, so much culture, so much art, etc. I'm also excited because The Roots are awesome and they rep Philly so xcore.

And EVERYONE I have met in Philly so far has been so amazingly kind! It feels like home.

So here has been life so far:

1.) Sister and Brother-in-law (YAY! I can officially call him my Brother now) had such a beautiful ceremony. It was a gorgeous and memorable wedding for sure. They are so perfect together. I won't be posting any pics up of it, though, bc it's their wedding to share haha. I'll have my turn LOL! ;)

2.) GOT ENGAGED before our separate flights to our programs in different states haha. Ryan was already in Minnesota and flew back for my sister's wedding, so he proposed to me before his flight back to Minnesota in the morning.

3.) MOVED TO PHILLY the same day that I got engaged! HAHA

4.) Met a bunch of PCOM students. So far LOVING everyone. Went out with my flatmate's cohorts (all really awesome), met a lot of D.O. students (they are so nice!), and finally went to dinner with some Biomed students last night!

5.) We have our Biomed Orientation tonight. It'll be exciting finally meeting everybody in our program. There are apparently about 80 of us, but only about 40 are in our facebook group so far hahaha. So we'll have to make sure everyone else joins that!


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