LIVE: Watch the Blood Red Lunar Eclipse NOW!

Are you watching the Lunar Eclipse right now?

#MyPhysicist Betrothed told me that the lunar eclipse would begin to look red to us at around midnight PT.

At around 1030 PM, it was a full moon.
At about 1145, it was passing through the Earth's penumbra, so it looked almost halfsies. From my view, the clouds around the partially-eclipsed moon gave it a hazy, orange halo effect, but that's mostly an atmospheric effect.

Soon, the moon will look BLOOOOOD REDDDDD *dun dun dun* thanks to the way the light will be bent by Earth's atmosphere.

UPDATE:  If you missed it and watch to see the transitions of the blood red lunar eclipse, NASA has included a replay video of all 3 hours of coverage, included below! How nice! Enjoy! Courtesy of NASA + Griffith Observatory.

WATCH WITH NASA! Watch the live stream and join the live chat, compliments of NASA.

Live streaming video by Ustream
If the live stream isn't showing up, try this: CLICK HERE.
(And if that's not working...go outside!...unless you can't see it, then sorry! ;D)

In case you're wondering: Mars is also out right now. It's the little red dot near the moon.


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