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Paris Fashion: Street Style Photography

11:29 AM

Check out Marie-Paola's Blog, "Will you meet my Fashion-Eye?" at mademoiselle-marie.fr

I met Marie-Paola at Fashion Week in Paris a couple of years ago. She always finds a way of capturing each person's unique look, and her pictures are always so much fun to look at!
From Marie-Paola at PFW 2014

You can also follow her on:

Instagram: @mariepaola_bh
Twitter: @mariepaola_bh
facebook: /will.you.meet.myfashioneye


Marie-Paola also has something brilliant with her friends: FRENCH TEAM. They share all of their photos of Paris Fashion Week in one place, so it's YAY for us because we get our one-stop fill of Street Style Fashion Week variety!

Allons-y, les amis! ;D

J'ai rencontré Marie-Paola à la Fashion Week de Paris il y a quelques années. Elle a un blogue AMAZING du Street Style que vous devez vérifier! Bien plus, elle a un projet avec des amis appelé FRENCH TEAM, et Marie-Paole + co. partager leurs photos collectives de PFW sur facebook ici!

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