Medical invention stops bleeding in 15 secs

How it works
It's such a simple concept when you think about it that it's truly genius implementation at work.

You know how a sponge expands when soaked? RevMedx, an Oregon start-up made of veterans, scientists, and engineers, took this simple concept and created a sterile sponge that would be safe to inject into the body so that the sponge would expand and stop the bleeding, thereby closing up the wound.

In 15 seconds, XStat expands to fill the entire wound cavity and has enough pressure to stop heavy bleeding. This pocket-sized life-saver, XStat, is light enough for medics to carry on the battlefield and even saves space because it's so effective and portable. RevMedx even thought about a way to ensure that no sponges accidentally get left inside of the body by marking each sponge with an X so that they're traceable to x-rays.
XState sponges from PopSci
RevMedx had to figure out a way for medics to be able to carry around and store all of these sponges, so they worked with Portland-based design firm Ziba to create this 30mm diameter-polycarbonate syringe that you see here.
RevMedx's XStat+syringe from PopSci

To save space, the handle is even stored inside. Basically, it works like you'd imagine it to: pull out the handle, insert the cylinder into the wound, and push the plunger back down to release the sponges as close to the arteries as possible.

Now, we're just waiting to hear back on if the FDA approves XStat. Honestly, there's no reason for the FDA *not* to approve such a life-saving invention that can be applied on the battlefield and in emergency situations at home. RevMedx has also created smaller versions AND a version to stop postpartum bleeding.

Look at what can be achieved when science, design, business, and politics work together!

You can check out the original article on PopSci here.

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