HELLOOO! This deal works for Ladies AND Gents! Okay, here are the details:

$50 off $100, & $20 off $50! 
I got a few promo codes (at bottom) from #ASOSonCampus and won't be using them all by the March 30th deadline, so I figured I'd share them in case anyone wants to snap them up and save $$$ shopping! The catch is that the deals will only apply to full-priced items. I just got Throwback 90s leather platform sandals and a GORRRGEOUS dress for a bit more than $60 AND free shipping bc I used the $50 off deal.

Ex: Here are some awesome finds that are already a pretty good deal at their regular just imagine knocking $50 off!
Asos Sandals · Asos Satchels · Asos Boots
And yes, this applies FOR MEN, TOO! I got you guys covered:
Asos Suits · Asos Longsleeve Shirts · Asos Dress Pants
Codes (US only, cannot be combined with other offers): Only will work 1 time, so if one doesn't work, try the next. If you missed out on the promo deals, I'm sorry! There's nothing I can do if someone snaps it up 1st. ASOS is still having a 50% sitewide sale! 
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1.) Spend $100. Get $50 OFF.
code: 2FFCE60BF647
2.) Spend $100. Get $50 OFF.
code: DC788B8AC78B
3.) Spend $50. Get $20 OFF.
code: 00C451043BA3
4.) Spend $50. Get $20 OFF.
code: 64FFB325850C

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