#NBCFail #OpeningCeremony US viewers never saw the Tolerance messages

From Timothy Burke on deadspin.com

#NBCFail This is actually pretty huge. Everyone else in the rest of the world heard Russia's opening statement encouraging tolerance & no discrimination of any kind...and yet NBC edits it out so that viewers in the U.S. never saw it. I'm pretty sure they had time to show it when they showed 4 hours of the #OpeningCeremony.

*They also didn't show t.A.T.u. performing, which is a big deal bc they were understood to be lesbian. You'd think NBC would want to show Americans these symbolic moments since there's such outcry over anti-gay laws at #Sochi.

#propaganda #censoredmedia #politics & #politicalagendas

Go to deadspin for the video & transcript, & pass it on!

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