Intimate Celebrations are the Best

Every moment is very meaningful. The last week was wonderful time spent with family.
Ringing in the New Year 2014 in pajamas at home with family felt right. It took me back to when my sis, Angelica, and I were in Paris together for Christmas and New Year a couple of years ago. We were invited to several parties in Paris and could have gone, but instead, we decided to just spend the evening relaxing at our local cafe in Le Marais.

I suppose you could call it uneventful, because there wasn't even a countdown, but in that way, it was right. It was just my sister and me together, quietly dining at a cafe in Paris. The transition between the years was unnoticeable, and only when we overheard the staff in the back cheering and clinking champagne flutes did we realize a new year was welcomed without a countdown (like the manager promised us, haha).

But of all the social gatherings I frequently attend all over the world, the quiet New Year's Eve "celebration" with my sister in Paris and this last New Year's Eve "family pajamas party" are the dearest to my heart. The older you get, the harder it becomes to unite everyone's busy schedules and gather those who mean most to you together, so whenever you get the opportunity to enjoy family, savor it.

And make sure you get lots of pictures. ;)

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