How to do dineLA's Restaurant Week 2014, Postgrad foodie style

dineLA's reminder for YOU!

Firstly, I love food, I love events, I love quality, and I love a good deal. LA Restaurant Week combines all of those things, and I look forward to it every year. You have until the 31st (Happy Chinese New Year!) to enjoy dineLA. It's not too late yet! A couple more days, but you can apply this same strategy to the next thing coming up! I've had a bunch of people ask me for tips bc I'm always happy with what I order. Keep in mind that everyone's different, but because I eat everything and have no dietary restrictions...*sings* THIS IS HOW YOU (I) DO ITTTTTTT:
My 1st dineLA Restaurant was Cafe Bizou. Their quality of dinner choices at $25 made me happy. Once I saw escargot as a 1st course option, I was already in. Then I saw that they would let you substitute your 1st or 3rd course (dessert) for a glass of house wine--BOOM! Done deal. I already had lots of pastries for lunch at Porto's Bakery & Cafe earlier in the day, anyway, so I happily subbed my dessert option at dinner for a glass of wine...and what a generous pour that was, might I add!

Our waiter ended up being French, so FINALLY I could at least exchange small convo with someone in So Cal who speaks real French with a real French accent. Cafe Bizou = authentic to the max. 

Next post will be about how to do dineLA when you're not from LA.

Now...can't wait for OC Restaurant Week! Eeee :D

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