Found a legit Macaron place that I like!

So, because I cannot be in Paris for my macarons right now, I'm kind of a snob when it comes to whether a macaron Stateside is good enough. I don't want ppl wasting their money on what claims to be a macaron but is really instead a whoopie pie or something that doesn't do the true delicacy justice. There's a place in Beverly Hills that honors the essence of a macaron--it doesn't try too hard to be beautiful or delicious, there's enough aesthetic variety and attention to detail that will be appreciated by palettes, and the aura of everything in the pâtisserie still feels like a proud local artisan (rather than industrialized trend à la Bottega Louie in Downtown LA) giving you the privilege of enjoying something so intimate and special.
Even more unique is how this boutique pastry shop can be ranked #1 on so many elite lists yet still manage to feel like a collector's rare gem that belongs to both everyone and no one.

One box to enjoy and some more to take home for a friend!
Definitely YES. Oui, oui, et oui!
Prices reasonable, mood is peaceful, view is a pretty memory. You can also purchase one of the sparkly chandeliers that dangles if you feel so inclined.
Also, the cappuccino was frothed to perfection. I'm in lust. 
Discovered that the lady is a pastry chef (AKA, she knows what she's doing!) and her sister makes the macarons now--support family businesses! ;) Super friendly. 

La Provence Patisserie & Cafe
630AM-800PM; 630h à 20h
(310) 888-8833
8950 W Olympic Blvd
Ste 110
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

A wall to remind you of the yumminess ahead
...and perfect backing for a photo op! With my darling Physicist :)

So delicious, my sister and I saved some for later, Agustus.
Unrelated, but this pallet table has been an on-going DIY project with #MyPhysicist. Wee.

Finalement, j'ai trouvé une place dans les États que j'aime pour macarons. Espérons que je trouverai plus! ^^

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