Wednesday Wishes: Fauchon right now

Si vous êtes français, vous savez de Fauchon. Aux Etats-Unis, Fauchon est encore un trésor caché, mais c'est aussi pourquoi il reste spécial.

For Christmas, I wish I could give my bf's family some delicious Fauchon tea!! They haven't had it yet, but I really want to introduce them to the glory that is Fauchon.

My belly was very satisfied on this day.

Whenever I go to Paris, I buy lots of Fauchon for myself. Because my bf loves tea, he'd be able to fully appreciate it! I gave him a cute, mini tin of delicious, loose-leaf <<Le Siva>>. It's 100% black tea and 100% aromatic.
Now knowing that his family loves tea, I WISH I HAD SOME FAUCHON TO GIVE THEM right now. USA teas are just not the same.

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until my next trip...

Try it for yourself! It's an experience to be had.
26 place de la Madeleine
Paris 8é

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