Throwback Thursday: Gloomy Paris in the morning

J'ai commencé presque tous les jours avec assis dans ce parc seul le matin pour réfléchir à tout ce qui était dans mon esprit, et quand le temps en Californie du Sud est un peu vif et sombre, je me dis: <<Prenez-moi à ce moment.>>

One of the times I was in Paris, my second home, I used to sit in a small, secluded park across from La Tour Eiffel. I always thought the view was perfect...most people ignore the things around their main focus and crop it all out. I prefer to capture the environment around those moments, and I liked seeing something so iconic surrounded by and slightly hidden behind branches and all almost blended in, but assertively so. I started almost every day with sitting in this park alone in the morning to think about whatever was in my mind, and when the weather in Southern California gets a little brisk and gloomy, I think to myself, "Take me back to this moment."

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