Thoughts Thursday: How I became turned off by fashion blogging PART 1

I'm going to write about having a passion and losing it.

Not losing the ability to do it, but losing the desire to do it.

Have you ever loved something so much that you end up being turned off by it?
I guess that's what divorce is haha.

One thing I've noticed about myself is that, ever since I was little, I always found joy in going against the crowd and proving that I could do it, if it was something I really felt in my soul. I still love being an early's a thrill being the "first" to discover things and then share it with others and pass on that joy. I would always understand a trend before it happened--in fashion, politics, and business. Something I always believed in is studying the world...not just one subject, but the world, because everything is connected, and everything is relevant.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one, but when I didn't see clothes that I wanted around me, I re-created from old clothes or made new ones...definitely have always been sort of a performance artist bc I'd speak through my styling and just wore whatever I felt like for that day. Naturally, people would make fun of me over and over bc I was the only one at my schools like this, but I'd still proudly wear whatever it is I was wearing...and then 1-2 years later, it's suddenly trendy and the same people who made fun of me are buying those same outfits!

So I learned at a very early age to trust my instincts and just be proud of my uniqueness and ideas.

Let's parents let me do my own styling since Kindergarten (seriously...I wore whatever I wanted to wear to school), and I started sewing in, like 1st grade (picked up a needle and just taught myself how to sew secretly so that Mama wouldn't freak out that I might hurt myself hahaha) I guess flash-forward to age 26, where I suddenly lost passion for all of these things.

The years go by so quickly. Of course, everyone thought I would be an actress, a singer, a fashion designer--and while I find joy in doing all of those things, I never wanted to limit my future by specifically choosing to succeed in 1. My priority has always been education, and while I was consumed with resources of knowledge, I was also studying and observing the surrounding world and its different industries...trend forecasting, lifestyle analyses, etc. Rule of thumb for any kind of investing. For someone who dives into projects running, I'm glad I spent the last 10 years waiting it out to see how industries would become impacted by the advancement of more technology and open trading. More than ever, 15 minutes has become easier for people to get...but that 15 minutes might just end up being 5 years...and then what? Do you want quick fame, or do you want to carefully build a positive legacy?

Which leads me to being turned off by the current world of fashion.

I loved being an early adopter and proponent of social media. I loved blogging. Because I did all of these so early on...when the platform suddenly exploded, it's almost like I lost interest because it wasn't as special anymore since everyone was doing it. Now it was trendy to be a blogger...and trendy became typical, and typical became average.

Instead of taking risks and using the platform to show new attempts or share introspective thoughts unique to each person, the majority of blogging nowadays has become saturated with companies and people wanting the fast-track to overnight success, using the same formula over and over, and deciding success based on the number of followers (some of them bought) or likes...not by the quality of content. 

I was turned off because, after the initial boom, I was looking forward to discovering more people out there in the world who would show the blog as an extension of self...not as a replacement of self. It's almost as though I felt like this platform lost its humanistic quality because the most popular accounts were just shares and re-shares of other things, copying+pasting your way to fame or degrading other people via gossip and violation of privacy in order to get there.

And then everyone was suddenly a fashion blogger, which I embrace because encouraging people to discover their style and find what makes them feel good is a nice thing, but I started noticing how people were using it just to get "freebies" and weren't actually *creating* anything new...a lot of people began using other's photos or content sans permission and not seeing anything wrong with it bc the culture has become used to copying+pasting. Hits are only generated when actual written content is small but there are lots of pretty pictures. 

Suddenly, being a fashion blogger meant to just regurgitate what you were told is trending, or it's not taken seriously unless the outfits featured have a lot of name brands that the average person cannot afford. Once again, to be successful in another industry means to already have the privilege of wealth. Unless you can afford this lifestyle because you worked hard+smart to get to this level, for the most part, you will see loads of young bloggers talking about their gorgeous outfits...and when you total up their entire look (not even counting make-up), it's not unusual to find a twenty-something wearing a $500-$3,000 "look."And that look is just for 1/365 days. They have to come up with outfits for the remaining 364 days, and it can't be repeated bc it's been documented for all to see already.

For the average person, it's a further reminder of being able to dream about one day owning such things in your everyday closet, but we all usually have to worry about rent, food, clean water, bills, etc. before we can think about realistically dedicating that much money to a superficial budget which will "be out" next season. So, blogging has become yet another venue to see the discrepancies in wealth by who does it well.

The "famous bloggers" post about their Chanel shoes, Dolce & Gabbana jacket, being near the front at Fashion Week.

The other accounts that reach popular level are mimicking what is already trending with a picture of an outfit compilation and then just ask you:
"<3 or </3"
"yay or nay?"
"wear or not wear"
"like or not"
"love or hate"
"tag 4 friends who would wear this"

And everything looks the same. 
It's a formula.

So this is what blogging has become in order to be taken seriously?

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