Sunday was for Christmas Lights!

Aux États-Unis, certaines rues donnent vraiment tout avec leurs décorations de lumières de Noël! Ces rues sont à voir au moins une fois. Si vous êtes en Californie du Sud, il y a beaucoup, mais les rues transversales de celui-ci est Jeronimo et du Chiapas dans la ville de Mission Viejo. 

Profitez des photos!

Yesterday, my Physicist and I picked up Angelica from John Wayne Airport. She has 1 more assignment to do before her 1st term at Ph.D. school is officially over.

On the way home, Angelica remembered the Christmas lights show that we found by chance last year. I can't believe I forgot to stop by and see it this year--the days went by so quickly!

There's this cute cul-de-sac in Mission Viejo, where all of the neighbors join forces and put on a BRILLIANT display (heh, heh...get it?) for EVERYONE to stop by and see.

One of the houses (the one with the inflatable Mickey Mouse) has signs telling you to tune into 100.1 for Music...and then you realize that they have a light show display synced with the music on radio station 100.1! So you can sit in your car and enjoy a personal lights show!

I'm glad that I got to share this memory with Angelica and my Physicist.

Stop by and see it if you can--definitely worth it to see at least once! I spoke with the homeowners last year and they were telling me about how they've been doing this tradition for many years and people from all over the world will stop by just to see it.

Off of Jeronimo and Chiapas in Mission Viejo, CA.

You can't miss it!

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