Saturday is for football: Bowl Games

Il doit être une telle chose américaine à choisir qui vous pensez gagner pour chaque championnat <<bol jeu>> dans le football américain. Le football américain est tout ici, bien sûr! Mdr :P

*Football as in American football, not soccer (sorry for the confusion, International mates!).

A couple of weeks ago, my Physicist and I picked our Bowl Game winners for every game. WOOOOHOOOOO

I wanted to share them then, but I was waiting on my bf getting the picks back from his brother and dad. Haha I didn't realize that the Bowl Games have already started, and since I'm not sure when we'll get the document back totally filled in, I want to share the teams my bf and I chose!

SPOILER: I picked Colorado over Washington, that's right!!! :D

Haha only a few games down so far, though. We'll see how many winners I can get right after the clock totally runs out on all 35 games!

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