Sale Saturday!

Since I'm always looking for a good's SALE SATURDAY! :D

I love sales (who doesn't? We get a deal...they move product...).
The best one is Les Soldes bi-annually in all of France, but while I can't have the same Les Soldes experience here in the States...I can share the love for deals!

Macy's is having a huge sale.
SUPER SATURDAY SALE EXTRA 15-20% OFF ends TODAY 12/14. Coupon code: SUPER
Also ending today are deals on women's bras (buy 1, get 2nd 60% off) and men's undies (buy 1, get 2nd 70% off). Other deals are going on until New Year's.

There's also Code: EXTRA to get 15-20% off, ends 12/16.
Go here for the coupons!

And did you know that Macy's ships internationally? Over 100 countries! Good to know. Of course, it makes more sense if these items didn't come from a factory in your country...

Je toujours cherche pour un bon d'achat! Parce-que nous n'avons pas Les Soldes ici dans les États, je peux partager les bons d'achats que je trouve!

Alors, Macy's dans les États envoi à l' de 100 pays! Vos euros sont bons ici hahahaha! 

Bien sur, si les choses sont faire dans votre pays, c'est mieux d'y aller.

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