2013 was good for some, hard for most

Merci à aimer et être aimé.

Bonne année!

2013 was good for some people but hard for most of the rest of us!

Everyone has their own, unique story, so I won't drain your energy reading mine. ;)

I'm just grateful for lessons, better health, and finally finding My Physicist after I had already made peace with the idea that I would end up alone and be fine with that! Haha

With budget cuts, the economy, and so many other factors that affect multiple families internationally, we are all going to go through LOTS of tests--what matters most is keeping your principles in tact and seeing who still believes in you and positively encourages you...including yourself.

Blessed to love and be loved.
Blessed with family.
Blessed with health.
Blessed to know who the true friends are.
Blessed to have a clear mind.

Make peace with 2013 and have a wonderful 2014! Happy New Year 2014!


I wish for you all to have lots of travel and wine on flights, if that's something ya dig.


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