SnobbyHippy got suspended on G+ before there were options for names, which is why the vacay


So, for starters, I created SnobbyHippy to be the 1st Fashion Blog on Google+. At the time, G+ was brand-spankin' new and my friends and I were among the initial users before G+ went public. Basically, one of my nicknames was Snobby Hippy bc I don't like brushing my hair and am SUCH a hippy with mindset, peace, and love...and yet I am not at the same time bc I care about fashion, creativity, and indulging in small luxuries here and there.

ANYWAY, someone reported my Google+ account for not abiding by their naming terms and "SnobbyHippy Love" on G+ got suspended (but not deleted!) for violating the terms. However, I REFUSED to delete my account bc I believe in the vision, and it's the principle of not erasing your history just because you were too ahead of your time! Shortly after my SnobbyHippy was suspended, SO MANY G+ profiles popped up of people's home-crafting businesses, music monikers, and aliases that other ppl choose to go by that are FOR SURE not the names on their birth certificates haha...meaning that it was total bee ess to suspend my harmless account. But hey! Someone had to be the 1st, right? Story of my life...

I guess NOW Google+ realizes that people WANT to go beyond the limits of their legal identities and tap into the resource of utilizing G+ for their personal projects, hobbies, and small businesses...and they now have OPTIONS for doing that, people! Of course, I had to wait 2 years. So ya, that's why SnobbyHippy has been on vacay. 

And then GoDaddy automatically renewed my web address and charged me for it without telling me (they claim to have sent many an e-mail to me documenting it...checked my spam, and NOPE. Nada.) after unsuccessfully trying to get my money back, I figured, whatevs. Everything happens for a reason, right? Guess it's a good time to come back!

After all, all of the fashion trends I'm seeing now are things I was made fun of for rocking a few years ago--before they were as easily accessible and literally in every store. Like I said, always ahead of the trend and story of my life.

Honestly, I'm also tired of ghostwriting and ghostblogging for people. I'd rather spend time building my own baby back up with lots of love because at least that's emotionally fulfilling, plus I can actually claim credit for it! Everyone is also a blogger nowadays. I'm very grateful that I got to be on the front of that right before social media boomed (now, businesses know that they need to be on social media, but before that boom, I went around convincing businesses that they needed to create a social media platform/position if they wanted to stay relevant in the next coming years), but now that it has and it's a known fact that businesses need to embrace social media, I felt fulfilled with that challenge as well.

I've also been so turned off by fashion lately, and pop culture in general, that coming back here to genuinely share my thoughts and give SnobbyHippy back its voice is something that would help me navigate my own postgrad, inbetweener experience. 

Plus, I've been using Instagram, so I have lots of pictures to share now and can expand on them more on here...instead of paragraphs of #s! And I've been tapping into my crafty, experimental side again since I have both free time and the right, nerdy partner by my side to explore with! #MyPhysicist, sorry, couldn't resist haha. 

And my French has been sucking, since I haven't used it as much, being in So. Cal...but my sister started her Ph.D. program in French and Francophone Studies, and she's just amazing. Her abilities amaze me, and if I could even just get close enough to the level of natural French that she has, I'd be thrilled. The only way that is going to happen is if I get into the practice of regularly using French again...meaning, tadaaaa a chance to practice on SnobbyHippy! :D

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