Open Letter to @Novartis about #India: Shouldn't #medicine cost parallel what the average person in that country can afford? #healthcare @MSF_USA

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Dear Pharmaceutical Giant Novartis

I understand the business practice behind securing patents and protecting intellectual property, but shouldn't the cost of the drugs at least coincide and parallel what the average person in each respective country can theoretically afford? 

Even in America, we know that the cost of living in some places is higher than others, so the average income also reflects those changes accordingly. However, at least in the States, the average person might still be able to afford the $2,400/mo anti-cancer drug (Imatinib mesylate) sold by you since the average income is about $46,000. In India, it doesn't even make business sense to charge someone $2,400 a MONTH for the same anti-cancer drug since the average income is $1,300 a YEAR. So, not only is it humanely wrong, but it's also poor business practice because it doesn't make sense to make a product that no one can buy...then all of the people you are targeting to invest in your product are going to DIE because they can't afford the product, so it's only a matter of time until you find yourselves in a situation of supply and no demand--or, as it currently is for practical reasons, supply and demand for alternatives; either way means that people don't want to give money to you, so not only do you lose respect, you also lose any sense of consumer loyalty. 

Please correct me if I am misinformed anywhere in this letter, but it is quite difficult to find information on the REAL effects that your seemingly greed for monopolizing healthcare has affected, since you, of course, only publish the rosy PR. Great marketing, by the way. It's just too bad that the truth eventually always comes out, and that is something you cannot hide from. 

However, I have found this GREAT article from Doctors Without Borders that summarizes a lot of questions and clarified much of my confusion about Novartis:

I was trying to research exactly what was going on with Novartis in India because I want to get all of my info. before I form my own opinion, but this was what I found from Novartis' Twitter
Novartis @Novartis
Since 2002, #Novartis provided free treatment for over 14,000 patients suffering from #CML & GIST, in #India

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