2011: My Friends Have Revived Me

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Some of my very classy, sassy ladies

There are parts of my life which I keep private, but there is one area which I am more than happy to talk about: my friends.
My boys
Last 4 photos courtesy of Tri

I love my friends, and today being New Year's Eve, I would rather share my adoration for loyal friends than discuss some goals for 2012. To me, 2010-2011 was the year where I REALLY pushed myself to grow and experience things that most people would during a "mid-life crisis." Not that I had one or anything...but I just put myself out there even more so that I could grow beyond it sooner. 2010-2011 was a year where I was mostly alone to grow. To live in Paris alone without the comfort of family or friends from home. To recognize that just because I have the ability to do everything doesn't mean I should always accept an offer. I've always "put myself out there," but in 2010-2011, I was really a lone wolf--and it was amazing.

The end of 2011 is where I feel alive in my friendships again. I am so happy to ring in the new year because the end of this year is the beginning of where I really feel like I have groups of friends who I see as extended family. You know you have friends for life when you can go periods of time without seeing each other (because you are each ambitious and working hard to build the foundation for a successful future) and then reconnect as if no time has passed. 
Jackie and Jacky reunite every year; Jackie is now in Law School!
Reuniting with Chris after about 7 years reminded me of clicking with old friends regardless of how much time has passed because great friendships are made with people holding similar values rather than being in the same location. Chris is currently 3 months away from completing his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Cornell and he is still such a humble guy.
This is when you realize that you are not friends out of convenience; you are friends by choice.
I love my Big Bro! "Do Work" definitely applies to him. He is currently in investment banking.
We are Big and Little for life.
Whether old friends, existing friends, people I've met through my chapter, or friends who faithfully pick each other over any guy, for the first time, I feel like relationships are not transitory but instead solidified. I'm proud to have friends with whom I can enjoy making memories so that next year, I can look back on a year of pictures and videos and feel even more excited for what we are going to experience together the next year and the many after that!

Always have amazing and often spontaneous memories, and occasionally we get them documented on time. Dada :)

I can always count on Genesis to be spunky with me and dance the night away!

Nate is not only a Gemini, but also extremely talented and part of The Wheeland Brothers. Check them out!

Emily, me, Ericka in Vegas. Photo courtesy of Ericka

Sigma Kappa ladies in the same place at the same time!

I met my group of girls who I can rely on from joining my chapter and couldn't imagine life without them now!

Wade is not only an AMAZING bboy but also holds high, moral values and currently works for the State Senate.
My khoshgel Nineli-joon just got accepted into Dentistry School at USC, and my study-buddy-forever Daniel is leaving for Medical School in the Caribbean in a few months! I'm so very proud of both of them.  
My beautiful Anum wouldn't let me celebrate Thanksgiving alone.

Taco Tuesdays. Tuesdays will never be the same for me ever again!
Taco Tuesdays. Now I can't imagine being anywhere else on a Tuesday!

My sweethearts. I love them!

Here is the story: Friends for life. Jon was scared of me at first in Kindergarten. I read his name tag, said, "You must be Jonathan. Hi, I'm Jacqueline" and shook his hand. Friends ever since and he lives the street below me. I'm so proud of him! We grew up taking similar classes and would always be next to each other (thanks also to our shared "S" last names) at award ceremonies. Jonathan already started Rotations at UCI Medical School and is going to be such a great Doctor!

Zorro defends the friendship in the courtyard between the new George Lucas and Steven Spielberg buildings at USC. The buildings are so cute because they face each other, symbolically saying hello to each other. The ultimate, loyal friendship between Lucas and Spielberg for life is no secret!

Il y a des régions de ma vie que je garde privé, mais il y a un domaine je suis plus qu'heureux de parler: mes amis.

J'aime mes amis, et aujourd'hui étant la Saint-Sylvestre, alors je préfère partager mon adoration de fidèles amis que de discuter des objectifs pour 2012. Pour moi, 2010-2011 a été l'année où je me suis vraiment poussé à croître et à l'expérience des choses que la plupart des gens lors d'une «crise de l'âge mûr
». Non pas que j'ai eu un ou rien...mais je viens de me mettre là-bas encore plus pour que je puisse croître au-delà plus tôt. 2010-2011 a été une année a été la plupart du temps j'étais seul à croître: pour vivre à Paris seul...sans le confort de la famille ou des amis de la maison; afin de reconnaître que juste parce que j'ai la capacité de tout faire ne signifie pas que je doit toujours accepter une offre. J'ai toujours «me mettre là-bas», mais 2010-2011, j'ai été vraiment un loup solitaire, et c'était incroyable.

La fin de l'année 2011 est l'endroit où je me sens vivant dans mes amitiés à nouveau. Je suis si heureux de fêter le nouvel an, car la fin de cette année est le début de l'endroit j'ai vraimentl'impression d'avoir des groupes d'amis que je vois la famille tel que prorogé. Vous savez que vous avez des amis pour la vie quand vous pouvez aller les périodes de temps sans voir l'autre (parce que vous êtes ambitieux et chacun travaille dur pour construire les bases d'un avenir
prospère) et puis reconnectez comme si aucun délai a passé.  

C'est quand vous réalisez que vous n'êtes pas des amis hors de complaisance; vous êtes des amis par choix.

Que de vieux amis, des amis existants, les gens que j'ai rencontrés grâce à mon chapitre, ou des amis qui ont fidèlement choisir eux sur n'importe quel gars, pour la première fois, je me sens comme les relations ne sont pas transitoires mais solidifié. Je suis fier d'avoir des amis avec qui je peux faire profiter de souvenirs avec de telle sorte que l'année prochaine, je peux regarder en arrière sur une année de photos et de vidéos et de se sentir encore plus excité pour ce que nous allons faire l'expérience de l'ensemble de l'année prochaine et les
années après cela!